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e-Learning survey report

Constantinos Athanasopoulos, Discourse 8.3

Report on a survey on the current state of e-learning in PRS disciplines, and its future development.

Web Support for Taught Courses: A report on the development of web sites designed to support degree level theology courses at Greenwich

Michael Alsford

This report outlines the ongoing issues around designing a website to support a theology degree.

Fostering Effective and Appropriate Use of Online Resources: (Or: How Do We Stop Students Copying their Essays from Wikipedia?)

Meriel Patrick, Discourse 8.1

A report on a survey conducted by Intute: Arts and Humanities into the use of print and online resources among further and higher education students, along with recommendations as to how their accessing of Internet resources could be improved.

Widening Access to Theology and Religious Studies through the Application of Internet Resources

Gary Bunt

This article explores the advantages and disadvantages of students applying Internet resources in their TRS work, and considers whether the Internet is a means through which wider access to TRS can be facilitated through availability of a broader, cheaper and more comprehensive resource base.

Reusable Electronic Learning Objects for Theology and Religious Studies

Alison Le Cornu and Angie Pears, Discourse 6.2

This paper reports on a project to develop reusable electronic learning objects (RELOs).

Hermits, Closed Orders and Congregations

Pekka Pitkanen, Discourse 9.2

This paper examines how the Open Theological College, a distance learning course in theology, has enabled students from a diverse background to study theology part-time alongside their other commitments in life.

Bibliographical Resources for e-Learning in Philosophical and Religious Studies

Dr Constantinos Athanasopoulos

This document sets out various different resources available in the field of e-learning.

Early Christianity On-line: e-text and e-learning in Theology Teaching

Jonathan Wooding

Early Christianity On-line: e-text and e-learning in Theology Teaching