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Theology in the University
Textuality and orality
Black theology

Theology in the University

Gender and Career Progression in Theology and Religious Studies

Mathew Guest, Sonya Sharma and Robert Song, Durham University, 2013

Highlights a number of significant concerns about career prospects for women in the TRS academy.

Why Theology should be taught at Secular Universities

Keith Ward, Discourse 4.1

Lecture on the history and future of theology in mainstream universities.

Theology and the Outcomes-Based Curriculum: the Value of ‘Not Knowing’

Darlene Bird, Discourse 5.2

This paper argues that such a materialist and utilitarian understanding of higher education is deeply impoverished, and asserts that theological education, when it is at its best, has less to do with the acquisition of 'useful knowledge', and more to do with exposing students to the uncertainties and the unknowns of our world.

Theology and/or Religious Studies? A Response from Graduate Students

Angela Quartermaine, Discourse 7.1

This articles discusses a project about the dynamic debate surrounding the academic study of theology and/or religious studies, to which graduates from ten universities have now contributed.

Interview with Stanley Hauerwas

Rebecca O'Loughlin, Discourse 8.1

Rebecca O'Loughlin talked to Stanley Hauerwas about his theological background, the relationship between theology and religious studies, and the marginalisation of theology in the university.

Textuality and orality

The Use of Text in Theological Education in Nigeria

Richard Seed, Discourse 9.2

This article argues that when students create theological meaning from a text they approach this task from a culturally determined perspective. This perspective is identified and shown to replicate aspects of oral interpretation. The result is that in some instances the output of such cognitive processes are not compatible with what Western educationalists call deep or critical thinking.

'Scribes Trained for the Kingdom of Heaven’: Reflections on Reading ‘The Bible for Politics’ in Community, Secondary and Higher Education Contexts in Scotland

Louise J. Lawrence, Discourse 5.2

In recent years the methods and praxis of education within the UK have been variously scrutinised, assessed and transformed. The teaching profession is now familiar with understanding its role not primarily as a mediator of knowledge, but rather as a facilitator of active student-centred learning. We are trusted with the responsibility to educate people for ‘engagement with the real world’ and instil a belief in them of their power to effect change within their society. This article discusses these issues with particular reference to reading the Bible.


Perceptions of Relevance and Conceptual Challenges of Studying Psychology among Theology Students

Olivera Petrovich, Discourse 3.2

Paper about the Psychology of Religion course offered to Theology students at Oxford University.

PRS Beyond Boundaries

Andy Cochrane and Clare Saunders, Discourse 9.1

This article describes an exploratory survey of 'PRS beyond boundaries' undertaken in order to discover more about such provision, and to gain a more complete picture of the true size, nature and diversity of PRS learning and teaching in higher education.

Black theology

An Educational Approach to Intercultural Teaching and Learning: Some Preliminary Reflections

Anthony G. Reddie, Discourse 6.1

This article discusses various issues surrounding Black Christian education.

Toward Teaching Black Theology through Black Gospel Music in Britain

Dulcie Dixon McKenzie, Discourse 8.2

This article considers the notion of teaching Black theology through the tradition of Black gospel music that emerged in Britain.

‘If Heaven is Such a Wonderful Place,Then Why Would White People Tell Black People About It?’: Problematising Black Christian Confessional Belief in Postcolonial Britain

Anthony Reddie, Discourse 10.1

This paper demonstrates how the author's scholarship and teaching has sought to address the often inhibited and internalised colonisation of the mind that has bedevilled and continues to impact on Black people in postcolonial Britain.


Sustainability in the Theology Curriculum

Katja Stuerzenhofecker, Rebecca O'Loughlin and Simon Smith

This is a chapter from the book 'Sustainability Education: Perspectives and Practice across Higher Education'.