Society for the Study of Theology

Joining the Society

Please read the whole of this page before proceeding to the joining form.

Membership of the society is open to anyone with a graduate-level interest in theology and we are always pleased to welcome new members. The membership fee is currently 10 per year or 3 for students, although members are encouraged to make a subscription of 10 per 10,000 of annual income.

All UK members and others with a sterling bank account are required to pay annually in January by standing order. International members without a sterling account may pay each year in November using our online payment facility.

Membership applications are approved by the committee and need to be supported by two existing members of the society. Please give these names in your application. If you do not currently know two exisiting members but are attending the next annual conference, supporters can be arranged then.

Your postal address and telephone number will not be viewable in the member directory. Once your registration is confirmed, you may update your ex-directory tags online.

To proceed with making an application please click here after noting the following points:
a) If you are a student, please indicate this in the 'Job title' box in order to join at the student rate.
b) In the 'Additional notes' box, please indicate i) the names of your two supporters, if you have them; and ii) if you do not have a sterling bank account.

(If you are already a registered contact, you do not need to complete the online registration form. Simply login, check that your details are complete and up-to-date, then e-mail us the information requested above.)

We regret that it is not possible to gain the reduced conference fee until the joining process, including application, naming of supporters and payment of your first subscription, has been completed.