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Ministerial formation

Foundation Degrees for Ministerial Training: Their Potential and Challenges

Louise Redshaw, Discourse 9.1

This paper sets out to identify some of the potential and challenges in the development of Foundation Degrees for ministerial training. It draws on the experience of developing new Foundation Degree programmes from first principles, and re-configuring an existing certificate and diploma programme into a Foundation Degree.

Portfolio, Partnership and Pedagogy

Martin Groves and Phillip Tovey, Discourse 7.1

This article reflects on the experience that a faith community (the Anglican Diocese of Oxford) and an institution of higher education (Oxford Brookes University) have of teaching practical theology over the last decade.

Christian Theology for Ministry and the Quality Assurance Agency Criteria: An Epistemological Critique

Mark J. Cartledge, Discourse 4.2

Reflections on the growth in the provision of Masters level programmes for those engaged in or preparing for Christian ministry.

Exploring Formation for Ministry in a Learning Church

Michael Delashmutt, Discourse 9.1

This article analyses changes in educational ideology and methodology within the South West Ministry Training Course (SWMTC) and, more broadly, the Church of England's Formation for Ministry within a Learning Church remit.

Ministy and Praxis

John A. Williams, Discourse 9.2

This paper discusses a Level 2 module of the York St John Foundation Degree in Theology and Ministry. This is the validated programme utilised across several dioceses and other church institutions within the Yorkshire region and beyond for the training of candidates for lay (and some ordained) ministries within the churches.

The Hind Report: Theological Education and Cross Sector Partnerships

Gary Wilton, Discourse 7.1

This article investigates whether the Church can enter into further, mutually beneficial, partnership with the HE sector by giving attention to the 'appropriateness of the ... connections proposed' between Universities, Church Institutions of Higher Education and Church Training Institutions.