Society for the Study of Theology

Website technical specifications and credits

Our website is hosted by ICUK Net, a small and good-value ISP with excellent customer service. It runs on a Windows server and uses Active Server Pages. The online booking and member pages were developed by David Grumett using BookIt 4.0 software created by Instinctive Systems Ltd, who provide and support membership, contact management and event booking solutions suitable for use by not-for-profit organizations written in Microsoft Visual FoxPro running through an OLE DB interface and using WS_FTP Pro for batch synchronization. Menus are by Milonic Solutions and users with visual impairments who require a hardcoded menu should disable scripts. The site can be updated using simple free html editing software or even Notepad.

Our current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Merchant Compliance (SAQ A) is valid until 11 May 2018.